September Agenda


September 12, 2022


  1. Call to Order
  •  Roll Coll
  • Visitors
  • Public Comment
  • Motion to accept the July minutes no meeting in August
  • Motion to accept July & August financial report.
  • Motion to amend the agenda
  • Water Report

            Tank cleaning and inspection – done

            Yandric’s hydrant is done

            Hydrant Doc.  That was going to look at our hydrant and give estimates to fix them, has retired            

  1. Business

Appoint Randy Chilcote as a Borough Council Member

Road work was done by Butch

Speed signs are here.  Need to get them put up.  Should I see if Gibson or Grove can do that for us.

Trimming of trees on 2nd Street – stop sign needs to be cut open and there are a lot of low limbs should we put a bid in the paper

Winter Road Maintenance – should we put bid in the paper

  1. Motion to pay bills.
  1. Motion to adjourn the meeting.
  1. Next meeting will be October 3, 2022, starting at 7:00 at the Driftwood Senior Center