April 4, 2022 Agenda


April 4, 2022


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  • Motion to accept the February minutes. No March meeting, no quorum
  • Motion to accept February and March financial report.
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I contacted John Straitiff about the spin rack for the information booth, he is going to order one and when it gets here the PAGP will deliver if and will stock it with their information placed in.

I talked to Holly via email, and she said that she will be getting a sign made for us to hang at the information shed, it will have the LHR logo and DCNR logo on it, but we need to tell her what we want it to say on it. We are allowed to do what we want with the building after that as long as it has to do with information.

Lenny and I have both been in contact with different engineers, I am waiting to hear back from a couple of them so that I may pass the information along to the council.

Talk with Adam about generator and got the information from him and Laura for the company that does the Counties generators, I also had Victor Cook come and look at the well house and give us his opinion on a generator he said that a 24K watt Generac generator on a concrete pad (not to exceed 20’ from the panel) would be $17,000.  He said that is dependent that he can actually get the generator.  He found one place online that had them in stock, but most places can not get them. 

Fundraiser for the park, and upgrade to the park Brandie will explain in more depth at the meeting

Lenny will be attending the PA Rural Water Conference so he can renew his license, he is going to ask us to pay a portion of the cost (the hotel room) and his main job will pay the rest (the higher portion of it)

letter from Senior center

letter crom Shawn McMahon

Losey contracting bid

letter about the 150th year anniversary for the Borough

15th annual equipment show

  1. Motion to pay bills.
  1. Motion to adjourn the meeting.
  1. Next meeting will be May 2,2022 starting at 7:00 at the Driftwood Senior Center